via dei Coronari


Jpeg and RAW

Reality must be caught while it develops. That is the meaning of HCB apocryphal: ‘I am a  hunter, not  a cook’. Even now we are not Digital cooks, we don’t need RAW. If need be, one can convert a Jpeg in a Tiff, and do minimal adjustments there.
A mirrorless camera with an EVF however gives the possibility of preparing a perfect image BEFORE the shot, which a photographer should always attempt. Thinking that one will save the image later is just an illusion, or treating photography as if it was a painting, layer by layer, which it isn’t.
A proof? If you have a high number of keepers from the start you won’t be interested in spending hours in the digital lab. You’ll be more interested in spending that same time on the field in catching the visual opportunities. And this will result in a higher number of keepers.
Now what is a keeper and what is not a keeper? Since you are on flickr, you know that others will rate your pics, and  that they almost never rate the camera, or the processing, but content, the decisive instant.
They will be indifferent if it is a Jpeg or a Tiff, and they will certainly not rate a RAW. They will rate if the picture is timely or not.
Therefore look at what is exciting around you, and catch it while it’s alive and jumping.