Slow Photography, or the limits of PhotoShop

Because Photography allows today so many manipulations I try to restrict myself to reality. If you are a Graphic Artist you’ll love PS, and you won’t see the point. But if you are a Photographer?

OC a newspaper editor has other rules, and usually manipulations are forbidden in prizes and other important challenges – so where to draw the line? Perhaps some LR might be accepted but no PS betrayal?

That is why I prefer to set the camera as a trap BEFORE the event, and catch whatever comes at the right moment. If shadows are wrong I might do a bit of correction, but I try to restrict myself even there: why didn’t I do EV correction before? Wouldn’t it be better to drop the image altogether?

‘Back to basics’ or Slow Photography one would call it: it is  a reaction to PS excesses of the past. Early photographers of the 1850s were so bored by their painterly manipulations that they all went back to painting, Nadar, a sublime portraitist instead dedicated himself to Zeppelins.


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